From the Scottish expression ‘Pure Dead Brilliant’, PDB reflects the wide-ranging influences of Nora's global upbringing, merging wit and sophistication with uniquely cast forms and branded phrases that resonate with her clients. Nora spent her life in major cities such as Hong Kong, London, New York and Paris. PDB was then started in Bali, where most of the pieces are still made and where PDB produces in a sustainable and ethical way, supporting the local economy.
PDB aims to make pieces that speak to people, make people wonder and ask questions—what, how, why? To wear a ring, bracelet, earring, necklace is akin to going out into the world and saying ‘HEY, check out my quality!’, even if it’s just to yourself . PDB is about the pieces saying something to that effect, making someone feel unique. 
The ‘Diamond and Daggers’ collection mixes gothic daggers and the idea of ‘kind’ diamonds formed to fit into nooks and crannies on your body—replete with wire-sculpture bracelets that appear like 3-dimensional drawings of over-sized gems and boat-dagger earrings that shoot down one’s neck. The ‘Move Me’ collection is inspired by the idea of transport, reflected in PDB’s philosophy that to stand still is to cease to be— London busses, vespas, and steamboats with moving parts that have been said to resemble high end toys. A huge fan of the written word, powerful lyrics and a good old fashioned slogan, Nora created the ‘Who says cassettes are dead’ collection with slogans emblazoned on to rings like ‘Yeah Buddy’, bangles stamped with lyrics and cassettes—resurrected from the dead—to hang casually from your neck or your ears. 
The result is an authentic brand that is distinctively bold, relishing the opportunity to cultivate a relationship between an off-the-cuff sensibility and a reverence for beautiful quality and design.

For more inquries contact us at info@pdbjewelry.com